Business Sectors

“A 100% client rentention record can't be ignored”

Over the years Anjobar has partnered with various employers which range from screening agents, recruitment consultancies and direct employers through to SMEss and blue chip organisations.

Screening and Vetting Companies

More organisations than ever before are now demanding full checks and prequalification of employees. Anjobar has worked with a number of major screening companies with the aim of building bespoke applications which subsequently manage large numbers of staff on their behalf. These applications have improved candidate control, staff turnaround and clearer process management.


Airport recruitment comes with a host of hurdles which arise from in-depth vetting requirements for security clearance. Anjobar has partnered with numerous organisations to attract applicants and manage their entire security background checks, all in-line with UK airport regulations. In all cases, business efficiencies have been increased, the quality of applicant has improved and the applicant's process vetting time has been substantially reduced.

Rail Network

Underground and overground rail networks all operate within a fast moving and high volume environment. Anjobar has built successful applications to accommodate a busy output of applicants and employees for recruitment, inductions, training and ongoing HR processes.


Anjobar has designed and developed a number of recruitment applications in the medical sector, where specific qualifications and experience have been critical for each individual vacancy.

Anjobar designed bespoke applications which contained a number of user friendly 'gateways' which applicants had to go through in order to be considered for an interview. Simple filters with multiple choice questions submitted the applicant's differing views based on the answers they gave to the questions, as well as 'behind the scenes' validation checks to ensure the client was only presented with suitable and quality candidates.

Care Homes

Care home recruitment and vetting is crucial in today's environment. Over the years, Anjobar has worked with a number of private care homes and has provided both a recruitment/HR process that has improved the quality of vetting in line with CQC expectations as well as a better turn-around of employee screening with fewer staff resources. Systems have also included sections to manage the current workforce, these including nurse pin numbers, staff training renewal dates and right to work management.

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies today need to be one step ahead of their competition. A fast and aggressive business sector requires a continual flow of the right applicants as well as a continual need to pre-qualify these applicants. Anjobar can provide a fully comprehensive system to manage recruitment advertising, attracting the calibre of personnel required. We also offer processing functionality to handle applicant's job offers and ongoing employment management e.g. timesheet management, rota organisation for large workforces and right to work documentation. Anjobar has also been able to offer audit facilities for clients who wish to able to log in and audit the staff they are being provided with.