Our Disclosure and Barring Services

A growing number of employers are carrying out some form of pre-employment screening checks on their employees, which includes Police record checks.

Anjobar Limited are a registered organisation with the Government's Disclosure and Barring Service, which means we are able to apply for DBS checks on behalf of other companies.

If you currently require DBS checks as part of your employment process, or would like to start obtaining criminal record checks for your employees, then speak to our team for the most suitable way forward for your business.

Option 1

Use our DBS portal to add your employees, who then receive a link to register with us to provide details for a DBS check. At the point of you adding the employee, you can specify whether you will pay for their DBS check (on account), or if you want your employee to pay for the DBS check at the rate we have agreed with your company.

Option 2

Subject to volumes, we can provide you with your own bespoke DBS portal with your own branding. This gives your employees the look and feel that it is part of your own online process.

Option 3

If you currently have an online system/website that collects user data for your employment process, we can provide an API for you to send the employee data to us to apply for their DBS. Once the check is complete, the result will be automatically sent back to you through the API. This is something an experienced website developer will have to do for you.

Option 4

If your business has a regular number of employees to screen each month and you have other checks such as referencing and Identity verification, then speak to us about a new system to manage your requirements online which will include the DBS checks.

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